Courses on Data Analysis in Stata

Course Description

The course will introduce concepts related to the application of Computer and Information Technology as relevant to the field of Public Health. The course will introduce basic and related terminologies and allow the students to experience commonly applied statistical software or program in the field of Public Health (e.g. SPSS, Stata, R). The course will provide a hands-on demonstration of database creation, data entry and analysis using Stata.

Course Objectives

1. Demonstrate and show application of basic Computer System in Public Health Research and develop the core analytical competency of Public Health Professionals

2. To develop an understanding of the use of Stata to analyze, present and interpret statistical results related to epidemiological research

Learning Outcomes

1. Students should be able to demonstrate and produce a database for research question

2. Students should be able to describe a database, determine an appropriate data analysis technique and perform analysis for generating tables, charts, and graphs

3. Students should be able to develop and test hypothesis for particular research question

4. Students should be able to produce and interpret Chi-squared, Correlation, linear and logistic regression models Course Materials

Course Materials

1.Computer software such as Stata

2.Lecture Notes/Handbook

3. Videos

4. Websites

5. Internet

Download Necessary Software

Statistical Software Package