Md. Hasinur Rahaman Khan, PhD

Dr. Hasinur Rahaman Khan holds the esteemed position of Professor of Applied Statistics and Data Science at the Institute of Statistical Research and Training (ISRT), Dhaka University. Commencing his journey at Dhaka University as a lecturer in 2005, Dr. Khan has made significant strides in the realm of statistics. His research focuses primarily on statistical models for high-dimensional data, statistical machine learning techniques, data science, Bayesian statistics, biostatistics, public health, and demography.

Dr. Khan boasts an impressive academic pedigree, having authored two books and contributed 50 research articles to esteemed national and international journals. Additionally, he has demonstrated his leadership prowess by securing and spearheading over 18 domestic and foreign research grants. Dr. Khan's proficiency extends to software development, as he has crafted six R packages for the widely-utilized R programming software in Statistics and Machine Learning. Furthermore, Dr. Khan's expertise is recognized in the academic community, as he serves as an editorial member and statistical reviewer for prestigious journals such as PLOS ONE and Chest. Over the course of his career, he has also served as a reviewer for more than a hundred international journals, showcasing his commitment to advancing scholarly research and knowledge dissemination.

In recognition of his exceptional contributions to research, Dr. Khan has been honored with various national and international awards. Among his accolades are the Dean's Award from Dhaka University Science Faculty in 2013, 2015, and 2019, as well as the Conference Award for Scientists from the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics in 2015 (Birmingham, UK) and 2016 (Utrecht, The Netherlands).

Dr. Khan's scholarly endeavors extend beyond academia. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he conducted notable research on the spread and movement of the virus in Bangladesh. Additionally, he actively shares his insights through various television channels and newspapers. During April 8 2020 and November 25, 2022, Dr. Khan has published total 963 daily bulletin with statistical analysis on Coronavirus Situations in Bangladesh.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Dr. Khan serves as the Founding President of the Executive Committee of the ISRT Alumni Association. He is currently serving as a member of the Board of Trustees of the alumni. His unwavering commitment to research, education, and community engagement underscores his invaluable contribution to the academic landscape.

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Prof. Habibul Haque Khondker, PhD (Pittsburgh)

Habibul Haque Khondker, PhD (Pittsburgh), is a professor of Social Sciences at Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, UAE, and a scholar of globalization studies. He is a Part-time Member (Educationist Nominated by the Government) of the Bangladesh Accreditation Council. Prof. Khondker was the Co-Chair of Research Committee 9 (Social Transformations and Sociology of Development) of the International Sociological Association. Khondker, a Bangladesh-born sociologist, has taught sociology and related fields for over three decades. He has published articles on globalization, glocalization, migration governance, state and secularism, nationalism, and various development issues in such international journals as the Journal of Consumer Culture, International Sociology, International Sociology Review, Protosociology, The British Journal of Sociology, Current Sociology, International Migration, Globalizations, Armed Forces and Society, Asian Journal of Social Sciences, South Asia among others. Khondker received the Outstanding Faculty Award at Zayed University in 2013-14. Khondker, a recipient of the prestigious Andrew Mellon Fellowship as a graduate student, also received the Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Sociology in 2012.

Roles and Responsibilities

Khondker leads the Bengali translation team of Global Dialogue, a publication of the International Sociological Association.

He is also the Editor-in-chief of the South Asian Journal of Social Sciences.

Khondker is on several international journals' editorial and editorial advisory boards, including the Journal of Sociology and the Journal of the Australian Sociological Association.

Member, Board of Directors, Global Development Network

Member, Governing Body, Shiekh Zayed Bangladesh Islamia School, Abu Dhabi

Personal Website 

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Prof. Monirul Islam Khan

Professor Dr. Monirul Islam Khan is a distinguished sociologist from Bangladesh, known for his extensive contributions to the field of sociology. He served as the Chairman of the Department of Sociology at the University of Dhaka, one of the leading universities in Bangladesh. His academic work and leadership in the department have significantly influenced the study and practice of sociology within the country and beyond. Dr. Khan's research interests span a broad range of topics within sociology, including social change, development studies, and issues related to poverty and inequality. Throughout his career, he has been an advocate for applying sociological perspectives to address societal issues, promoting the idea that understanding social dynamics is crucial for effective policy-making and social reform. In addition to his academic roles, Dr. Khan has been involved in various research projects and has collaborated with national and international organizations to conduct studies that inform social policy. His work is well-regarded in academic circles, and he has published several articles and books that contribute to the field of sociology. Dr. Monirul Islam Khan's dedication to his field and his impact on his students and colleagues make him a respected figure in the sociological community in Bangladesh and beyond.

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Prof. Mohammad Bellal Hossain

Dr Mohammad Bellal Hossain is working as a Professor at the Department of Population Sciences, University of Dhaka. He was the Chairperson of the same department for the period of March 2012 to March 2015. He has obtained his first post-graduate degree in Sociology from the University of Dhaka and then obtained another post-graduate degree in Sexually Transmitted Infections/HIV Related Medicine from the University of Sydney, Australia. He has obtained his PhD in Public Health and Policy from the world-renowned London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK with the funding from the British Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan.

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