Sahadat Hossain, MSS
Former Team Members

Sahadat Hossain served as a Research Assistant at SAIST. With a passion for advancing scientific knowledge, he thrives on collaborating with interdisciplinary teams to tackle complex challenges. His proficiency in Research Techniques, Analytical Tools, and Statistical Software enables him to contribute effectively to data collection, analysis, interpretation, and report writing. His professional career started as a ‘Research Project Assistant’ under Pathfinder International’s Sukhi Jibon project. As part of the project work, he worked at the root level and contributed to questionnaire design, data collection, analysis, and report writing. Before this, he completed a three-month internship as a data analyst assistant’ at Pathfinder International to complete his master’s degree.

Sahadat Hossain completed his Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSS) and Master of Social Sciences (MSS) degrees from the Department of Population Sciences, University of Dhaka. With his compassion for serving the community through practical research, Sahadat aspires to be a public health specialist. His research interest revolves around Sexual and Reproductive Health and Population Aging.