Toufica Sultana, MSS
Director, Knowledge Dissemination

Toufica Sultana co-founded the South Asian Institute for Social Transformation (SAIST). She is also a lecturer (On Leave) at GED Cell, Eastern University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. She has also served as adjunct faculty at North South University, City University, and taught courses such as Introduction to Sociology, Bangladesh Studies, sustainable development, and Environment and world civilization since 2016. In addition, she has worked as a teaching assistant at the Department of Sociology, University of Saskatchewan. Though she has been active in teaching since 2016, she has started her professional career as a staff researcher at Research and Evaluation Division (RED), BRAC, and is devoted to contributing to research. Her devotion to research reflects in her quantitative and qualitative research projects in collaboration with Toronto Metropolitan University, McGill University, University of Saskatchewan, and SAIST. Currently, she is working on the effect of maternal education and labor market policies on child supervision in LMICs and mental health service utilization among Canadians.

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